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World Migratory Bird Day

4. 4. 2017, 10:48 by TH

Just outside of Greifswald the Karrendorfer Wiesen provide a splendid location for bird watching at WMBD! The Michael Succow Foundation is inviting birdlovers on a guided tour to see long-distance migrants such as the aquatic warbler, reed warbler, wheatears, redshanks and avocet. Back from their wintering grounds in sub-Sahara Africa they breed there in reeds, on the salt meadows and the shore area. Waders such as wood sandsnipers  and dunlins might also be spotted on their way further North. Apart from that there are skylarks and greylag goose.

The salt meadows of Karrendorfer Wiesen do not ony present a rare breeding habitat for migratory birds. After its restoration this coastal flood peatland serves as wave breaker. Its vegetation slows erosion of the shore zone and promotes sedimentation. Thus it contributes to the stability of the flat coasts of the Baltic Sea. After flooding, natural waterways ensure rapid drainage. In addition, coastal flood peatlands are significant carbon sinks and therefore important for climate protection.

Dena-project finished

24. 3. 2017, 11:41 by NK

The project for example promoted women empowerment activities and training of trainers in which women learned about relevant topics such as climate change, forest and rangeland ecosystem services, biosphere reserve concept and waste management. Local women with sufficient educational background now assist in youth environmental training program of selected schools. Awareness and capacity building workshops regarding sustainable use of natural resources have led to positive changes in the attitude of local communities in relevant fields. Some locals reported on their change from poacher to environmental advocate as a result of increased awareness and sensitivity towards their environment. Also, local knowledge regarding sustainable rangeland and forest management and conservation, sustainable use, climate change adaptation, eco-tourism and traditional handicrafts has been also collected and documented in a booklet. This document can potentially lead to policy development on the basis of local knowledge. An overall remarkable goal of the project: For the first time representatives of the local communities, especially women, could participate in some meetings with government representatives and provide feedback to them.


Peatlands in EU's policy framework

15. 2. 2017, 10:20 by NK

The project Peatlands in the EU Regulatory Environment analysed the impact of political and legal framework conditions of the EU on peatlands and organic soils in the Member States. Poland and Estonia served as as exemplary Member States and the effects were assessed in much detail in two case studies. The concluding report is now available for download from the website of the German Federal Agency for Nature Conservation (BfN): Further information on the project offers the website of the German Environment Agency (UBA).


RRR2017 - 2nd Announcement

9. 2. 2017, 16:26 by NK

tl_files/images/Aktuelles/Aktuelles 2017/RRR2017_cover.JPGThe Michael Succow Foundation as a partner in the Greifswald Mire Centre welcomes participants coming from a range of different disciplines to join the paludiculture conference week „Renewable Resources from Wet and Rewetted Peatlands 2017 (RRR2017)“. The 2nd Announcement includes a great excursion programme and we are happy to announce our key note speaker Prof. Ab Grootjans, Prof. Hans Joosten and Faizal Parish.
The RRR2017 from 25th - 30th September 2017 comprises a national and an international part, a day of excursions and a Sphagnum farming workshop.
Submissions of abstracts for oral or poster presentations are welcome before 28th February. Exhibition space for contractors, manufacturers and any other stakeholders will be provided indoors and outdoors.
Register for the national and/or international conference and for excursions at You’ll thus receive regular updates on RRR2017.