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ReedBASE results

4. 2. 2018, 11:47 by NK

ReedBASE is analysing the renewable biomass potential from peat- and wetlands in the lower Prut (Moldova), Danube (Ukraine) and Dniester (Ukraine) river floodplains in a transboundary context. It found out that e.g. sustainable utilisation of reed biomass, even fom outside of strictly protected areas alone, some 100,000 t of dry energy reed could substitute 50,000 t of energy coal. Thus, emissions of ca. 79,000 t from CO2 from burning fossil fuels and unquantified emissions from so far uncontrolled in situ combustion of waste reed could be avoided. These ReedBASE results werde presented to the Ministry for Environment and nature resources (MENR) Kiev, Ukraine. Especially its task force for bio fuels and renewable energies and for development of sustainable reed bed management and biosphere reserve conception was most impressed.

Waterbirds counted

18. 1. 2018, 15:38 by KW

Ornithologist Nina Seifert and supporters spent Sunday on the island of Koos for the International Waterbird Census observing birds which use shallow waters there foraging. Even though eyes were watering due tot he cold at the ende oft he day the ornithologist were happy to have seen lots of smews and thousands of ducks – some gadwells already among them.


First CADI-newsletter!

20. 12. 2017, 09:22 by NK

The first CADI-newsletter is now available! For regular updates of the projekt "Central Asian Desert Initiative", jointly implemented by the University of Greifswald, Michael Succow Foundation and FAO, here the link to subscribe.

Peatlands at COP23 – 2nd week

10. 11. 2017, 10:47 by KW

Restoring peatlands in Russia is one of the largest on-the-ground peatland restoration projects in the world. It is successfully preventing peat fires and subsequent health damages to local people and simultaneously reducing greenhouse gas emissions. The UNFCCC has chosen it to be one of 19 initiatives receiving the United Nations Momentum for Change Climate Solutions Award as lighthouse activities. Wetlands International and the Michael Succow Foundation, partner in the Greifswald Mire Centre, will present the joint project at a roundtable event within the Focus on Planetary Health on Monday 13th Nov. from 13.00-13.45 pm at the Climate Action Studio. A special Showcase Event will feature the 19 winners of the 2017 Momentum for Change Award at 14th Nov from 6.15-8.00 pm at Meeting room 8, Bonn Zone.
At 15th Nov. the Greifswald Mire Centre is part of a high level event Good peatland governance to strenghten economic, social and ecosystem resilience organised by the Global Peatlands Initative. It will be the launch of the Rapid Response Assessment on peatlands at 4.45 pm (meeting room 10, Bonn Zone).

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Peatlands at COP23 – 1st week

10. 11. 2017, 10:40 by KW

During the UNFCCC COP23 the Greifswald Mire Centre, in which the Michael Succow Foundation is a partner, is contributing expertise on peatlands in several side events to raise awareness on their potential for climate protection. On 6th November Franziska Tanneberger talked about peatlands as sinks for carbon and sources for carbon emissions at the side event Towards a new compact on peatlands for climate protection. The side event was organized by the Federal Agency for Nature Conservation (BfN) together with FAO, UNEP, NABU and others, and started at 10.00 am at the German Pavilion (Bonn Zone). On 10th November at 4.45 pm GMC and Wetlands International are stressing the Urgent need for local action to sustain peatlands globally . Beside multi-national corporations, communities are key players in peatlands. They need to be supported towards adapted management of their land. Jan Peters presents Strategic environmental dialogues on Caribbean coastal peatlands, a project of the Michael Succow Foundation promoting coastal peatlands as protection against extreme weather events in the Caribbean. In the 2nd week of COP 23, GMC contributes to a high-level side event of the Global Peatlands Initiative on 15th November.
For further information here a calendar of important peatland-related events at COP23.