Preparation of the Ramsar-Nomination of the Sari Su Lake

The lake Sari Su is one of the biggest standing waters of the central lowlands of Azerbaijan. As a big wetland complex in the South of the Kura the Sari Su is characterized by reed - and open shallow water areas. Therefore it offers a big diversity of breeding- and resting sites for a large number of breeding, resting and hibernating water birds. Until now, there is no special protection regime existing and despite its faunistic diversity the Sari Su is official hunting site of the national hunting union.

In 2007 the Sari Su was investigated thoroughly by Azerbaijanian and German experts within the framework of the “Pre-Feasibility Study for NATURA 2000 in Azerbaijan“. Aim of the project was to comprise and estimate the biodiversity of the Sari Su as a wetland with its surrounding semi-deserts and steppe- areas. This took place against the background to work out the basics for a RAMSAR- application as well as to built up a solid ecological analysis for decision makers.


The conclusions of the study conveyed that the protection of the Sari Su and the offset of the status as a hunting area are urgently needed. It could be proven that several criterions which are needed for the protection status are already fulfilled and therefore a RAMSAR- nomination shall be aspired. As a result of the examination a duly completed RAMSAR- nomination form was committed to the Ministry of Ecology of Azerbaijan. The ministry appreciated the allocation of these basic-data and documents. It plans to continu the way to a RAMSAR- nomination.

The study was enabled by the financial support of the Michael Otto Foundation and the Ministry of Ecology and Natural Resources of Azerbaijan. 


                                                                    Michael Otto Foundation