Michael Succow

Board memberships and voluntary commitment since 1990

1990 - 2003

Vice president of NABU Germany (Nature and Biodiversity Conservation Union)

1991 - 2003 Full member of the German Council for Land Management

Appointment to the German national committee “Man and Biosphere”, 1992 – 1996 Chairman of the sub-committee on biosphere reserves

1993 - 1996 Member of the German government’s Advisory Council on the Environment, deputy chairman
1993 - 2006

Member of the Michael Otto Foundation’s Board of Trustees

1994 - 2000 Member of the Foundation Save our Future’s Scientific Advisory Board
1994 - 2015 Member of the Advisory Board of the Highest Environmental Authority in Brandenburg (1994 – 1999 Chairman)
since 1995 Board Member of NaturSchutzFonds (Nature Conservation Fund) Brandenburg
since 1999 Chairman of the Foundation Board of the Michael Succow Foundation for the Protection of Nature
1999 - 2006 Permanent member of the Scientific Advisory Council and the Peatland Advisory Board of Mecklenburg-Wetern Pomeranian's Ministry for the Environment, Foundation Board member of the Foundation for the Environment and Nature Protection Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania
2000 - 2006 Chairman of the section 5 “Nature conservation and land use planning” of the German Association for Peatland Research (DGMT)
2003 - 2013 Member of the German Federal Foundation for the Environment’s Board of Trust
since 2003 Chairman of the Board of Trustees of NABU Germany (Nature and Biodiversity Conservation Union)
2004 - 2006

Member of the University of Greifswald’s High Senate


Reappointment to the German National MAB Committee