Carbon credits from peatland rewetting

Climate - biodiversity - land use


Franziska Tanneberger & Wendelin Wichtmann (eds.)


How does rewetting peatlands influence greenhouse gas fluxes? Can reduced emissions be sold on the voluntary carbon market? How does rewetting influence biodiversity? And, may rewetted peatlands be used in a sustainable way? These and other questions are answered by the book, which summarizes the experiences gained in a pilot project in Belarus. The book was published in English and Russian.


223 pages

28 x 21 cm

ISBN 978-3-510-65271-6

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Birdwatching in Azerbaijan, Cover

Birdwatching in Azerbaijan

a guide to nature and landscape


Sebastian Schmidt - Kai Gauger - Nigar Agayeva 


Aserbaijan - on the border between Europe and Asia - is a land of contrasts: alpine mountain ranges, ample woods, dry semi-deserts and wetlands rich in biodiversity. 


This publication of the Michael Succow Foundation presents the significant bird life in Aserbaijan and shows in pictures, why the country is worth the trip.


A comprehensive travel handbook on Aserbaijan, which not only describes the country's bird species, but also contains extensive descriptions of nature and landscapes. Detailled information guides you to the most remote corners of the country. You get to know the landscape highlights of Aserbaijan and receive many practical hints. 


Numerous pictures, couloured maps and the CD "Listening Landscapes" make the book a great tour guide as well as an useful reference book.



224 pages

14,5 x 20 cm

ISBN 978-3-000-24158-1

EUR 19,90

in English