Development of Protected Areas

Worldwide, protected areas have already become the backbone of the efforts to preserve biodiversity and to ensure the functionality of ecosystems. Their importance will increase dramatically with the continuing global climate change.


After Michael Succow and his colleagues succeeded in 1990 to secure the most valuable natural areas in the GDR under an exemplary national park programme, our foundation now supports the development of protected areas in other countries. Our current emphasis lies with countries in Eastern Europe and Asia.


Our goals include the establishment of large-scale protected areas, such as national parks, biosphere reserves and UNESCO World Heritage Sites in order to secure the long-term preservation of the last remnants of untouched nature, as well as the development of sustainable land use forms that are compatible with nature. This requires a strong emphasis on socio-economic aspects along with a conservation-specific approach. If possible, protected areas should also open new economic perspectives for the local population.