Endowment Contributions

Donations as Endowment Contributions towards the Foundation Capital


With an endowment contribution to the Michael Succow Foundation, your donation will be added to the foundation’s capital and securely invested. Thus, a one-time contribution means continuous and lasting support. All annual proceeds go directly towards our work - to further our conservation projects, to secure areas for wilderness development in Germany, and to implement our shared vision.

An endowment contribution offers a long-term, sustainable basis for the work of the Michael Succow Foundation. At present, our work is primarily financed through private and public subsidies. Since this financing structure contains inherent risks, we are trying to increase our foundation’s capital.




Friederike Badura-Wichtmann will gladly advise you on all questions concerning a possible endowment contribution.


Friederike Badura-Wichtmann

Phone: +49 (0) 3834 83542-13

email: badura-wichtmann@succow-stiftung.de


Donations and endowment contributions are tax-deductible.