The Goals of the Michael Succow Foundation


Development and Support of World Heritage Sites, National Parks and Biosphere Reserves on the National and International Level

Encouraged by the success of the GDR’s national park programme around the time of the German reunification, we are facing the challenge to help create large-scale protected areas in the transformational countries of the former Soviet bloc. Here we place particular importance on achieving international certification as UNESCO Biosphere Reserves and World Heritage Sites, or National Parks according to IUCN criteria for as many of these areas as possible.



Protection and Development of Wetlands, especially Peatlands and Swamps

We owe this goal to the scientific work of our founder, who dedicated much of his life to the study and protection of peatland ecosystems on a worldwide scale.



Advancing the Concept of Nature Conservation through Scientific Research, Ecological Education and Public Relations Work

Information, illumination and the furthering of scientific research for the protection of nature – these are tasks that belong to a comprehensive conservation programme.



Promotion of International Relations in Nature Conservation and Ecology

In this time of economic globalisation it is necessary for conservation efforts to be organised on an international level, as well. Therefore, the majority of our projects takes place in the transformational countries of Eastern Europe and Central Asia.