Peatland and Climate protection

Peatland protection in the Michael Succow Foundation - this is not only one of the foundation's goals, it is nevertheless a matter close to the heart of the founder personally, as well as that of many employees. The landscape ecological peatland science with its hydrogenetic peatland types was developed primarily by Prof. Michael Succow. It forms the scientific basis of our activities. But we do not only pay attention to peatlands of the temperate latitudes, also the Hyrcan forests or the winter-cold deserts in Central Asia. Safeguarding and restoration - these are not only services good for climate, they also preserve habitats, nature, landscapes and thus the livelihood of humanity. In a large number of projects - in Germany as well as in the transition countries of the East and worldwide we combine research, planning and implementation to protect these habitats, protect biodiversity and protect the climate.
The Succow Foundation is partner in the Greifswald Mire Centre since 2015.