Peatland and Climate Protection

The protection of peatlands is not merely one of the goals of the Michael Succow Foundation, it is an area especially dear to our founder and to many of our staff members. The scientific basis of our activities in this field is the landscape ecology of peatlands with its hydro-genetic types, which was significantly developed by Professor Michael Succow.

But our efforts are by no means solely focused on the peatlands of temperate latitudes. Equal attention is given to the Hyrcanian Forests of Azerbaijan or the cold-winter deserts of Central Asia. Conservation and restoration do not only benefit the climate, they also help in the preservation of habitats, nature and landscapes – ultimately securing the very basis of human existence.

In a large number of projects – both in Germany and in the transformational countries of Eastern Europe and Central Asia, where large, contiguous natural areas remain – we combine research, planning and implementation towards the protection of these habitats, their biodiversity and the climate.