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Completed projects 'Development of Protected Areas'

Armenia - Supporting the process of UNESCO Biosphere Reserves establishment in Armenia

Azerbaijan - Gap Analysis for Further Protected Areas

Azerbaijan - Preparation of the RAMSAR-Nomination of Sari Su Lake

Central Asia - Ecosystem-based land and forest management for poverty alleviation

Egypt - Biosphere reserve for regional development

Ethiopia - Awash and Hallaydeghe area

Ethiopia - Analysis of potential for further UNESCO Biosphere Reserves

Ethiopia - Feasibility Study for a Biosphere Reserve at Lake Tana

Ethiopia - For Man and Nature – Creation of a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve at Ethiopia’s Lake Tana

Ethiopia - Landscape restoration in the area of Lake Abaya and Lake Chamo

Georgia - Development of a UNESCO biosphere reserve in Kakheti

Georgia - Study on potential and feasibility of UNESCO-biosphere reserves in Georgia

Georgia - Nomination of Colchis Fprests as UNESCO World Heritage site

Iran - Community-Based Adaptation to Climate Change in Dena Biosphere Reserve

Iran - Nomination dossier for Hyrcanian forests as World Heritage Site

Kaliningrad – Feasibility Study for a Nature Reserve in the Memel Delta

Kaliningrad – Rominter Heath (Romincka Forest)

Kazachstan - Evaluation of the Nature Conservation Potential of the North Aral Sea

Kyrgyzstan – Expansion potential of the protected area network in the Biosphere Reserve Issyk-Kul

Myanmar - Development of a „Indawgyi Lake“ UNESCO Biosphere Reserve

Turkmenistan - A National Park Program

Ukraine - Identification and protection of old-growth and virgin forests

Uzbekistan - Protected Areas as Model Regions for Sustainable Development