Development of a transboundary innovation platform/cluster for the sustainable utilisation of reed biomass


Globally the development of renewable biomass based resources plays an important role in meeting climate change mitigation targets. Often neither markets are developed nor do ripe technologies and constellations exist that allow for a broad implementation of sustainable, environmental friendly, and cost efficient management of biomass resources. ReedBASE focusses on the management of degraded reedbeds along the Rivers Pruth, Dniester, and Danube in Moldova and the Ukraine. The transboundary platform will bring together relevant stakholders in suitable constellations for future project implementation in the project region.


It will also identify potential implementation sites and constellations in the region for wet reedbed restoration and management. Suitable approaches for biomass harvest and utilization will be adapted and refined.

Target groups are stakeholders and decision makers of different governmental and non-governmental organisations from national to local level, in the project region:
- Odessa Regional Departments for Ecology and Natural Resources, and for Water Management
- local land management organisations
- protected area authorities
- research institutions
- small and medium-sized enterprises
- NGOs for rural development
- rural advisory service



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Project coordination:

Andreas Haberl, E-mail: andreas.haberl(at)