Echt:Natur - Smartphone-app for the foundation’s areas of National Nature Heritage

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Those who want to explore the ‚National Nature Heritage‘-areas of the Succow Foundation in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern independently, there is now a practical tool: Echt:Natur – an app free of charge, which provides a lot of informations, a great experience and fun.


You may download the app in following app-stores:

 google play store iApp store 


The app serves as a ‚mobil information system‘ on eleven areas in the foundation’s

ownership. Besides informations about national nature heritage it offers facts on the particular
areas as well as on local habitats with their faunistic and floral species. Digital maps will
enable visitors to stroll along while having good orientation in the area. Also, Echt:Natur
alludes ist user to special points of interests.


For seven areas of the foundation the app provides a playful adventure part. Puzzles, quizzes

and several tasks make the visitors – especially the younger ones - having a closer look at the
surroundings. It is complimented by an audio part with a swan’s adventures on these aeras.

 Last but not least, the app suggests further trips within the region and thus may make the

visitor want to discover more of the foundation‘s areas.


Michael Succow Foundation certainly takes the integrity of your data very seriously. For more information on data protection related to using Echt:Natur please read: Datenschutzerklärung für die Echt:Natur-App Project is coordinated by the Michael Succow Foundation, which also provided all information related to ist areas of National Nature Heritage. It is funded by the NUE. Programming, testing as well as continuous development and updating the smartphone app is conducted by external contractors and funded by ELER.


Projektkoordination: Luise Rothe, luise.rothe(at)


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