The foundation’s domicile in Greifswald.


Chief executive office

Jan Peters, Friederike Badura-Wichtmann und Jens Wunderlich

tl_files/foundation/Mitarbeiter/Jan Peters_.jpgLandscape ecologist Jan Peters is managing director of the Michael Succow Foundation. His work focuses on "Peatlands and Climate Change" with projects in Germany and internationally. His main expertise is on policy analysis, dialogue processes and project development. In addition, he will be responsible for the foundation's activities in Germany in future.


e-mail: jan.peters(at)

tel.: +49 (0)3834 - 83542-17

fax: +49 (0)3834 - 83542-22


tl_files/foundation/Mitarbeiter/FriederikeBadura-Wichtmann_600x800.jpg    tl_files/foundation/Mitarbeiter/Jens Wunderlich.jpgFriederike Badura-Wichtmann and Jens Wunderlich hold the Michael Succow Foundation's Deputy Executive Office. Agricultural engineer Friederike Badura-Wichtmann is in charge of finances and personnel at the Michael Succow Foundation. The geographer Jens Wunderlich is responsible for the department international nature conservation at the Michael Succow Foundation.


e-mail: badura-wichtmann(at)

tel.: +49 (0)38 34 - 83 54 2 - 11

fax: +49 (0)3834 - 83542-22

e-mail: jens.wunderlich(at)

tel.: +49 (0)38 34 - 83 54 2 - 24

fax: +49 (0)3834 - 83542-22



Susanne Abel

Susanne Abel


Susanne Abel, a graduated biologist, has been working in different peatland related projects of Greifswald University since 2010. after developing a decision support system for a wise utilization of peatlands, she specialised on paludiculture through establishing a database "Potential Paludiculture Plants (DPPP)". From December 2015 she is coordinating the joint project „Deutscher Moorschutzdialog: Impulse für Klimaschutz, Biodiversität und nachhaltige Landnutzung auf Mooren (German dialogue for peatland and climate protection)“ .


e-mail: susanne.abel(at)
Tel.: 49 (0)3834 - 83542-20


Carl Barnick

Carl Barnick


Carl Barnick, a landscape ecologist (M. Sc.), started working at the Succow Foundation in 2019. During his studies he had focussed on peatlands and their flora and fauna. In the project „Revitalisation of the sloping spring mire Binsenberg“ he now is responsible for supervising building measures as well as for monitoring hydrology and vegetation of the site.


E-mail: carl.barnick(at)


Thomas Beil

Thomas Beil

The biologist Thomas Beil is amongst other things involved in the “Greifswald Agricultural Initiative” and the foundations “National Natural Heritage”-estates


e-mail: thomas.beil(at)

Tel.: +49 (0)3834 - 83542-15

Fax: +49 (0)3834 - 83542-22


Viktoria Boese-Kim

Viktoria Boese-Kim


Viktoria Boese-Kim has about 10 year working experience in the different international projects of the Ministry of Nature Protection of Turkmenistan in area of protected areas, land resources management, climate change, waste research, and others. she was an assistant to UNFCCC Focal Point in Turkmenistan and finished a Master of “Landscape Ecology and Nature Conservation” in 2012. At the Michael Succow Foundation she is assisting in projects with Turkmenistan.




Jonathan Etzold

Jonathan Etzold


Jonathan Etzold, a graduated Landscape Ecologist, has been working in research projects for nature protection since 2001,in Russia, Centralasia and primarily in the Caucasus. Since 2004 he is working free lance for the Michael Succow Foundation. In his work he is mainly focussing on solutions for problems caused by intensive land use such as overgrazing.


e-mail: jonathan.etzold(at)


Fabian Frucht

Jonathan Etzold


Fabian Frucht, a landscape ecologist, gathered his professional experience in the LIFE project for the Lesser Spotted Eagle in the Sernitz lowlands near Greiffenberg. He was responsible for the implementation of construction measures for rewetting. At the Succow Foundation he now monitors its areas in the Sernitz lowland and is committed to further restoration measures and good cooperation with the foundation’s tenants as well as with water and soil associations.


e-mail: fabian.frucht(at)


Greta Gaudig

Greta Gaudig


Greta Gaudig is Head of the Greifswald Mire Centre jointly with Franziska Tanneberger. The Greifswald Mire Centre is a science-policy-practice interface for all peatland related questions – locally and globally. It was founded as a cooperation of the University of Greifswald, the Michael Succow Foundation and the Institute of Sustainable Development of Landscapes of the Earth (German: Institut für Dauerhaft Umweltgerechte Entwicklung von Naturräumen der Erde, DUENE e.V.) in 2015. Greta Gaudig is a biologist focussing on ecology and sustainable bog management.


e-mail: greta.gaudig(at) 

Tel.: +49 (0)38 34 - 42046- 92


Andreas Haberl



Landscape ecologist Andreas Haberl specialises in peatland ecology and paleo-ecology. Besides his expertise in these areas, he assists many of our projects with his well-founded knowledge of natural history. The regional emphasis of his work for our foundation centers on the Southern Caucasus, Iran and Russia.


e-mail: andreas.haberl(at)

Tel.: +49 (0)3834 - 83542-17


Sophie Hirschelmann


Sophie Hirschelmann is landscape ecologist and works on conservation and sustainable use of peatlands (paludiculture) in different projects, currently mainly focusing on peatlands in Germany within the project MoKli. Before, she coordinated projects on the development of UNESCO biosphere reserves and World Heritage sites in the Caucasus region, in which she focused on stakeholder involvement and participation for sustainable land use practices.


e-mail: sophie.hirschelmann(at)
Tel.: +49 (0)3834 - 83542-26


Moritz Kaiser


Moritz Kaiser is a landscape ecologist (M.Sc.). During his studies he worked on peatlands with a focus on remote sensing, GIS and greenhouse gas emissions. As a research assistant he got to know the Michael Succow Foundation and the partners within the Greifswald Mire Centre already during his studies. Since 2019 he is part of the foundation's staff, currently supporting Christina Lechtape in the project MORGEN.


e-mail: moritz.kaiser(at)
Tel.: +49 (0)38 34 - 83 54 2 - 20


Fatemeh (Morvarid) Ahmadi Kamali


Fatemeh (Morvarid) Ahmadi KamaliFatemeh (Morvarid) Ahmadi Kamali is a project coordinator for Iran’s projects at the Michael Succow Foundation. She has a special interest in participatory methods of natural resource management. After graduating with an MA in Environmental Assessment and monitoring from the University Kebangsaan Malaysia (UKM) she was working with the Centre for Sustainable Development and Environment (CENESTA) in Iran. As a Marion Dönhoff Fellow at the Michael Succow Foundation she was researching the enhancement of protected area management of biosphere reserves in Iran.


e-mail: morvarid.kamali(at)

Tel.: +49 (0)3834 - 83542-19


Nina Körner

Nina Körner


Nina Körner studied East European Studies. For the Michael Succow Foundation and the Greifswald Moor Centrum she is coordinating press and public relations. Apart from communication in print, online and social media chanels for both institutions and their projects this includes networking and knowledge transfer.


e-mail: nina.koerner(at)
Tel.: +49 (0)3834 - 83542-18


Christina Lechtape



Christina supports the Michael Succow Foundation within the project MORGEN. She is a Landscape Ecologist and focusses in her work on motivations and strategies of landusers. For her diploma thesis she analysed the opportunities for a transboundary biosphere reserve in the Rominta Forest. She then worked at Greifswald University in the project SULAMA (Sustainable Land Management in Madagascar).



e-mail: christina.lechtape(at)
Tel.: +49 (0)3834 - 83542-26


Nika Malazonia

Nika Malazonia


Nika Malazonia is a project manager at the Michael Succow Foundation for the project "Establishment of a Biosphere Reserve in Georgia". He has extensive experience in the management of nature conservation projects, especially within international development cooperation programs. For 6 years, he worked for WWF Caucasus as a director of the Project Implementation Unit and his work was mainly concentrated on the establishment of new protected areas in Georgia. Nika is certified master in project management and in addition to his regular work, he conducts lectures and trainings in project management for different universities and training centers.


e-Mail: nika.malazonia(at)
Tel: +49 (0) 38 34 - 83542-19


Kirsten Meuer

Kirsten Meuer 

As a landscape ecologist, Kirsten Meuer has been engaged in natural resource management projects in Africa and Nepal. Since 2009, she has been working in collaborative protected area management for the German development cooperation (GIZ and DED). Since October 2014 she is supporting the foundation's project "Development of a Biosphere reserve at Indawgyi-Lake" on site in Myanmar.


e-mail: kirsten.meuer(at)
Tel: +49 (0)3834 - 83542-19


Renée Moreaux

tl_files/foundation/Mitarbeiter/foto RM.jpg


Renée Moreaux, graduated in landscape ecology and specialized in international nature conservation with experiences from Ecuador and Ethiopia. Her thesis dealt with a social-ecological approach to forest rehabilitation in the Lake Tana region (Ethiopia). Since 2014, Renée is coordinating regional as well as international projects in the foundation, mainly working on the field of protected area development, Biosphere Reserves, organic agriculture and regional development.



e-mail: renee.moreaux(at)

Tel.: +49 (0)3834 - 83542-14 

Anke Nordt


Anke NordtAnke Nordt supports the Greifswald Mire Centre in raising means from research, innovation, implementation and consulting funds. The Greifswald Mire Centre is a science-policy-practice interface for all peatland related questions – locally and globally. It was founded as a cooperation of the University of Greifswald, the Michael Succow Foundation and the Institute of Sustainable Development of Landscapes of the Earth (German: Institut für Dauerhaft Umweltgerechte Entwicklung von Naturräumen der Erde, DUENE e.V.) in 2015. Anke Nordt is a landscape ecologist focussing on knowledge transfer and implementation of paludiculture.


E-mail: anke.nordt(at)


Jan Peters

tl_files/foundation/Mitarbeiter/Jan Peters_.jpg

Landscape ecologist Jan Peters is coordinating the Peatland and Climate Change programme of Succow Foundation with projects in Germany, the Baltics, Russia, Ukraine, and Belarus. His personal focus is on policy analyses, dialogue processes and project management.

He gained experiences in various international projects in the fields of biodiversity conservation and development cooperation in Asia and Africa. Previously, he worked in a climate change adaptation project of the German development cooperation for rural communities in India.


e-mail: jan.peters(at)

phone: +49 (0)3834 - 83542-17


Jan Pottgiesser

tl_files/foundation/Mitarbeiter/Jan Pottgiesser.jpg


Jan Pottgiesser, a landscape ecologist (B. Sc.), is a staff member of the Succow Foundation’s MORGEN-project since October 2019. He is working on pilot projects of Typha cultivation within Greifswald’s municipal area. Doing so he is especially examining how local agriculture and branches of economy have to change and adapt for achieving more and better peatland and climate protection.


e-mail: jan.pottgießer(at)


Felix Reichelt



Felix Reichelt is a landscape ecologist (M.Sc.). In his thesis he worked on assessing greenhouse gas emissions from peatlands. To do so he refined the approach of the Greenhouse Gas Emission Site Types (GESTs) developed at Greifswald University, and tested its practical application. At the Michael Succow Foundation he assessing the greenhouse gas balance of peatlands within the municipal area of Greifswald. 


e-mail: felix.reichelt(at)


Dr. Sabrina Rilke

Sabine Rilke Sabrina Rilke is a botanist with focus on taxonomy (Salsola, Chenopodiaceae) and has been working at the universities of Kassel and Greifswald. Excursions took her to South America, Africa and Central and Central Asia. At NABU she has been involved in nature conservation. At the Succow Foundation she is responsible for building a virtual information system on a plant information system of Central Asia.



E-mail: sabrina.rilke(at)

Tel.: +49 (0)3834 - 83542-29


Luise Rothe

tl_files/foundation/Mitarbeiter/Luise Rothe.JPG

After Luise Rothe finished her studies in landscape ecology in Greifswald she started 2016 working at the Succow foundation. She is involved in managing the foundation’s nature protection sites in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern and Brandenburg. Parts of them belong to the national nature heritage which is developed or preserved by the foundation. Within the Hotspot-project Luise coordinates the development of a smartphone app. Together with her colleague Simon Günzel she is additionally occupied creating information portal for the Protestant church in Northern Germany on sustainable options for church estates.


e-mail: luise.rothe(at)

Tel.: +49 (0)3834 - 83542-21


Lene Schwarz


Fatemeh (Morvarid) Ahmadi Kamali


Lene Schwarz studied Design und Design Studies. After she gained some experience as a projec manager and in public relations in the fields of culture and sustainability, she now coordinates the fundraising and donations of the Michael Succow Foundation.


Tel: +49 (0)3834 - 45284 - 29


Dr. Nina Seifert

Nina Seifert


Nina Seifert, a biologist focussing on ornithology and animal ecology, has already been working at the Southern and the Northern border of the Western Palaearctic bird migration system. Subsequent to her studies in Münster, Greifswald and Svalbard, she finished her PhD on the ecology and conservation of the Baillon's Crake in West-Africa at the Greifswald university. Since 2014 she is working for the Succow foundation and is responsible for the management of the foundation's National heritage sites in Mecklenburg-West Pomerania and Brandenburg.


e-mail: nina.seifert(at)

Tel.: +49 (0)3834 - 83542-12


Verena Seitz

tl_files/foundation/Mitarbeiter/Verena Seitz.jpg


Verena Seitz studied European Studies. She coordinates Michael Succow's appointments and correspondence. In cooperation with management and foundation board, she is also in charge of fundraising and donor relations.


e-mail: verena.seitz(at)

Tel.: +49 (0)3834 - 83542-13


Jessica von Stryk



Biologist Jessica von Stryk is responsible for the Programme Library for Peatland Research and Conservation (PeNCIL) currently being established. Being with the foundation from the very beginnings she has gathered remarkable expertise on database management of literature and pictures for this task. Jessica von Stryk also coordinates programmes for volunteers (“FÖJ” and “BfD”) and internships at the Michael Succow Foundation. As project assistant she supports the international projects of the foundation.


e-mail: jessica.von.stryk(at)

Tel.: +49 (0)3834 - 83542-21


Dr. Franziska Tanneberger

Franziska Tanneberger


Franziska Tanneberger is Head of the Greifswald Mire Centre jointly with Greta Gaudig. The Greifswald Mire Centre is a science-policy-practice interface for all peatland related questions – locally and globally. It was founded as a cooperation of the University of Greifswald, the Michael Succow Foundation and the Institute of Sustainable Development of Landscapes of the Earth (German: Institut für Dauerhaft Umweltgerechte Entwicklung von Naturräumen der Erde, DUENE e.V.) in 2015. Franziska Tanneberger is a landscape ecologist focussing on sustainable fen management.


e-mail: franziska.tanneberger(at)


Christian Welscher

Christian Welscher


Christian Welscher, a landscape ecologist, has been working for the Michael Succow Foundation since January 2019, within the International Group. His focus is on the Foundation’s work in Kaliningrad region (Russian Federation) where he is currently running a project on developing a UNESCO biosphere reserve in the Russian part of the Romincka Forest. In addition, he supports the Foundation’s work in Central Asia within the “Central Asian Desert Initiative” (CADI).


e-mail: christian.welscher(at)


Dr. Wendelin Wichtmann



Dr. Wendelin Wichtmann holds engineering degrees in rural economy and agriculture. Since his PhD dissertation, he has focused on hydromorphic soils, which also form the main part of his work for the Michael Succow Foundation. He is involved in several projects concerning peatland revitalisation, renewable resources, biomass utilisation, and land use. In addition, he has held the volunteer position of managing director of DUENE e.V. (Institute for Sustainable Development landscapes of the Earth).



e-mail: wichtmann(at)

Tel.: +49 (0)3834 - 83542-16


Jens Wunderlich

tl_files/foundation/Mitarbeiter/Jens wunderlich.jpg


Upon completion of his geography degree, Jens Wunderlich worked on projects in German and international development co-operation. He supported the implementation of the UN Biodiversity Convention and the Agreement to Combat Desertification in Central Asia. As a staff member of the Michael Succow Foundation, his responsibilities include the internationalisation and further development of protected areas in Central Asia as well as satellite image analysis for various foundation projects.



e-mail: jens.wunderlich(at)

Tel.: +49 (0)38 34 - 45284-24


Dilfuza Yuldasheva

tl_files/foundation/Mitarbeiter/Jens wunderlich.jpg


Dilfuza Yuldasheva studied Global Change Management (MSc) at Eberswalde University for Sustainable Development (HNEE). In her thesis she focused on agroforestry and agricultural practices in Uzbekistan. The topic of her research as a Marion Dönhoff Fellow at the Succow Foundation was the integration of Education for Sustainable Development (ESD) in the Lower Amudarya State Biosphere Reserve (Uzbekistan). At the Succow Foundation she supports its projects in Uzbekistan and Ukraine and is in charge of the fellowship programmes.


e-mail: dilfuza.yuldasheva(at)

Tel.: +49 (0) 38 34 - 45284 - 28


Interns / Scholarship holders / Volunteer services

Roxane Bradaczek

Roxane Bradaczek


Having graduated in political science at the Otto-Suhr-Institute at Freie Universität Berlin, Roxane Bradaczek now studies landscape ecology and nature conservation at the University of Greifswald. Since December 2017 she supports the Michael Succow Foundation and Greifswald Mire Centre in the field of public relations as a research assistant especially concerning media administration and the maintenance of the website. She is especially interested in the influence of agriculture on ecosystems and biodiversity. 


E-mail: roxane.bradaczek(at)


Nele Scheebaum

Nele Schneebaum


From kiwi to lapwing- after graduating high school in Lower Saxony in 2017, Nele Scheebaum (20) decided to explore the world. After a 10 months work and travel adventure in Australia and New Zealand, she now works as a nature conservation guard on Koos Island. She uses her time as a voluntary worker to actively engage in nature conservation and prepare for her environmental studies. Her tasks as a Bufdi are supporting the protected area management, observing bird populations, building the Koos island station and helping with public relations.



Niklas Schmitz

Joachim Harr


From work back to nature - Niklas Schmitz (30) is doing a volunteer service (Bundesfreiwilligendienst, BDF) on the Island Koos since September 2019. After completing school and a vocational training as animal keeper at Mainz University he has been working on the job for three years. To gain new experiences he opted for a volunteer service in the North-East of Germany. His tasks on the Island Koos include bird counting, taking care of the nature reserve, building up the new nature conservation station and reaching out to the public.