Trust Foundation

Does your vision coincide with our philosophy concerning nature conservation, wilderness development and sustainability?

Would you like to lead the way towards a new approach to nature conservation?

A trust foundation – a dependent foundation under the aegis of the Michael Succow Foundation – offers you this opportunity.


The Michael Succow Foundation acts as trustee, i.e., we establish the foundation for you and take over its administration. The endowment fund determined by you will be entrusted to the Michael Succow Foundation, who will manage it on your behalf. Your basis capital remains separate from the capital of the umbrella foundation.

You can express your own values and personality through your trust foundation, and you can pursue your own goals. As long as there is a thematic connection to the goals of the Michael Succow Foundation, there are no obstacles to a successful co-operation.

The dependent trust foundation is based on a foundation statute and a deed of trust, which you sign with the Michael Succow Foundation. This agreement specifies exactly how the proceeds of your foundation will be used.

As a rule, trust foundations carry the name of their founder. Since a foundation uses the proceeds from the invested capital to further its cause, we recommend an initial capital contribution of 50,000 Euros or more. But it is possible to start a trust foundation with as little as 25,000 Euros. Besides very low administrative costs for you, you will receive considerable tax benefits. In 2007 the Federal Council of Germany (Bundesrat) passed a “law for the further strengthening of civic involvement.” This law allows the deduction of an initial capital contribution up to 1 Million Euros over a period of 10 years.

A trust foundation is a great means for long-term involvement. Show the way, become a founder!