Workshop series on the ecological situation and the sustainable economy in European UNESCO Biosphere Reserves

From 2019 to 2021 Michael Succow Foundation organises three workshops about current issues of the ecological situation and the sustainable economy in European UNESCO Biosphere Reserves. Manager and employees of biosphere reserves in Europe will come together to strengthen their network within the UNESCO Man and Biosphere Program (MAB).

The aim of the project is to support the implementation of the MAB strategy 2015.2025 and the Lima Action Plan of the UNESCO-MAB-Program in Europe and to facilitate an exchange and network of the European Biosphere Reserves about common topics.

In three interactive workshops local challenges on ecological problems in European biosphere reserves are discussed and concrete recommendations for action as well as methods and approaches are to be developed.

The first workshop took place in November 2019 in the Biosphere Reserve Berchtesgadener Land under the topic insect conservation. Approved measures and best practices to prevent further insect decline were discussed to respond on the current situation where land use change, agricultural intensification and pesticide use are leading to massive insect loss in many areas of Europe.

The following workshop will take place from 27th-30th April 2020 under the topic “Participation of local population and stakeholder in European UNESCO Biosphere Reserves” at the International Academy for Nature Conservation from the German Federal Agency for Nature Conservation on the Island of Vilm. We invite representatives of European Biosphere Reserves, representatives of the youth, members of the MAB National Committees and EuroMAB to join the workshop. Registrations for participation in the workshop should be sent to: renee.moreaux(at)


Projektkoordination: Kirsten Meuer, e-mail: kirsten.meuer(at)


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