Data protection statement

I. General

Personal data will be generated when you visit our websites. These are data that are required in order to enable you to use our websites or to enable us to consider your settings. Apart from this, they are information that you provide to us via the contact options offered on these pages. We use these data in order to ensure proper operation of our website and to answer your queries. Below, we inform you concerning the data collected on our website and the purposes for which they are processed. We will inform you about the use of "cookies" and the analysis tools used on our websites, and the option for approving or rejecting them. We will inform you concerning your rights and the contact details of our data protection officer at the end of the data protection statement.


We use cookies. Cookies are text files that are filed and stored on a computer system via a web browser. Many websites and servers use cookies. Many cookies contain a cookie ID. A cookie ID is a unique identifier of the cookie. It consists of a string of characters through which websites and servers can be associated with the specific web browser in which the cookie was stored. This enables the visited websites and servers to distinguish your individual browser from any other web browser that contains any other cookies. A specific web browser may be recognised and identified by a unique cookie ID. By use of cookies, we may provide users of this website with user-friendly services that would be impossible without setting the cookie. A cookie may optimise the information and offers on our website in the user’s interest. Cookies enable us, as mentioned before, to recognise the users of our website. The purpose of this recognition is making it easier for users to use our website. For instance, the user of a website that uses cookies does not have to enter his access data again every time when he visits the website because this is taken care of by the website and the cookie stored on the user's computer system. You may prevent setting of cookies by our website at any time by making the corresponding setting in the web browser used and thereby permanently object to setting of cookies. Furthermore, cookies already set may be erased at any time via a web browser or other software programs. This is possible in all common web browser. If the data subject deactivates setting of cookies in the web browser used, not all functions of our website may be fully usable.

Server log files

The provider of our website will automatically collect and store information in server log files that your browser submits to us automatically. The recorded data may include
(1) browser types and versions used,
(2) the operating system used by the accessing system,
(3) the website from which an accessing system reaches our website (referrers),
(4) sub-webpages that are controlled via an accessing system on our website,
(5) the data and time of an access to the website,
(6) an internet protocol address (IP address),
(7) the internet service provider of the accessing system and
(8) other similar data and information that serve to defend against attacks on our information-technical systems.

We do not draw any conclusions concerning you when using these general data and information.
Instead, this information is needed to
(1) properly deliver the contents of our website,
(2) optimise the contents of our website and advertisements for it,
(3) ensure permanent function of our information-technology systems and the technology of our website
(4) provide the criminal prosecution authorities with the information required for criminal prosecution in case of a cyberattack.
These data and information are therefore evaluated by us statistically and with the target of increasing data protection and data security in our company, in order to finally ensure an optimal protection level for the personal data processed by us. The anonymous data of the server log files are stored separately from any other personal data you indicate. These data will not be combined with any other data sources. If there are any indications of illegal use of our website, however, we are able to subsequently inspect these data.

Newsletter subscription

1. Newsletter subscription:

On our website, users can subscribe to our company's newsletter. Which personal data of the data subject are transmitted for processing when ordering the newsletter results from the input mask used for this purpose. We inform our customers and business partners at regular intervals by means of a newsletter about offers from our company. The newsletter of our company can only be received by you if (1) you have a valid e-mail address and (2) you have registered for the newsletter. For legal reasons, a confirmation e-mail is sent in the double opt-in procedure to an e-mail address registered for the newsletter dispatch the first time. This confirmation e-mail serves to check whether the owner of the e-mail address has authorized the receipt of the newsletter as the data subject. When registering for the newsletter, we also store the IP address assigned to you as well as the date and time of registration. The collection of this data is necessary in order to be able to trace any misuse of the e-mail address of a data subject at a later point in time and therefore serves our legal protection. The personal data collected when registering for the newsletter will be used exclusively for sending our newsletter. Furthermore, subscribers to the newsletter may be informed by e-mail if this is necessary for the operation of the newsletter service or for registration, as could be the case in the event of changes to the newsletter offer or changes in the technical conditions. The personal data collected in the context of the newsletter service will not be transferred to third parties. You can cancel your subscription to our newsletter at any time. You can revoke your consent to the storage of personal data that you have given us for sending the newsletter at any time. For the purpose of revoking your consent, you will find a corresponding link in every newsletter. It is also possible at any time to unsubscribe directly from the newsletter dispatch on our website or to inform us of this in another way.

2. Newsletter-Tracking:

Our newsletters may contain so-called tracking pixels. A tracking pixel is a miniature graphic embedded in e-mails sent in HTML format to enable log file recording and analysis. This allows us to perform a statistical evaluation of the success or failure of online marketing campaigns. On the basis of the embedded tracking pixels we can see whether and when an e-mail was opened by a recipient and which links in the e-mail were called up. Such personal data collected via the tracking pixels contained in the newsletters is stored and evaluated by us in order to optimise our newsletter dispatch and to adapt the content of future newsletters even better to the interests of recipients. This personal data will not be transferred to third parties. Data subjects are entitled at any time to revoke the respective separate declaration of consent given via the double opt-in procedure. After revocation, this personal data will be deleted, unless the right to erasure is restricted by law. If you unsubscribe from receiving the newsletter, we automatically interpret this as a revocation of your consent.


II. Social media


We have integrated components of Twitter on this website. Twitter is a multilingual publicly available microblogging service on which users can publish and distribute so-called tweets, i.e. short messages limited to 140 characters. These short messages are available to everyone, including people who are not registered on Twitter. The tweets are also shown to the so-called followers of the respective user. Followers are other Twitter users who follow a user's tweets. Furthermore, Twitter makes it possible to address a broad audience via hashtags, links or retweets. Twitter is operated by Twitter, Inc, 1355 Market Street, Suite 900, San Francisco, CA 94103, USA. Every time you visit one of the individual pages of our website, which has an integrated Twitter component (Twitter button), the Internet browser on your system is automatically triggered by the respective Twitter component to download a depiction of the corresponding component from Twitter. More information about Twitter can be found at As part of this technical process, Twitter is informed about which specific subpage of our website you are visiting. If you are simultaneously logged in to Twitter, Twitter recognizes which specific subpage you are visiting each time you visit our website and for the entire duration of your stay on our website. This information is collected by the Twitter component and allocated to your respective Twitter account by Twitter. If you click on a Twitter component integrated on our website, Twitter allocates this information to your personal Twitter user account and stores this personal data. Twitter always receives information via the Twitter component that you have visited our website whenever you are simultaneously logged in to Twitter at the time you visit our website; this happens regardless of whether you click on the Twitter component or not. If you do not want this information to be sent to Twitter, you can prevent it from being sent by logging out of your Twitter account before visiting our website. Further information and Twitter's current privacy policy can be found at


We have integrated components of YouTube on our website. YouTube is an Internet video portal that enables video publishers to post video clips and other users to view, rate and comment on them free of charge. YouTube enables the publication of all types of videos, so that complete film and television broadcasts, music videos, trailers or videos produced by users themselves are available via the Internet portal. YouTube is operated by YouTube, LLC, 901 Cherry Ave, San Bruno, CA 94066, USA. YouTube, LLC is a subsidiary of Google LLC, 1600 Amphitheatre Pkwy, Mountain View, CA 94043-1351, USA. Each time you visit one of the individual pages of our website, on which a YouTube component (YouTube video) is integrated, the Internet browser on your system is automatically triggered by the respective YouTube component to download a depiction of the corresponding component from YouTube. As part of this technical process, YouTube and Google are informed about which specific subpage of our website you are visiting. If you are simultaneously logged in to YouTube, YouTube recognizes which specific subpage you are visiting each time you visit our website and for the entire duration of your stay on our website. This information is collected by the YouTube component and allocated to your YouTube account by YouTube. If you click on a YouTube component integrated on our website, the data and information transferred will be allocated to your personal YouTube user account and stored and processed by YouTube and Google. YouTube and Google receive information via the YouTube component that you have visited our website whenever you are simultaneously logged in to YouTube as you visit our website; this happens regardless of whether you click on the YouTube component or not. If you do not want this information to be transmitted to YouTube and Google, you can prevent the transmission by logging out of your YouTube account before visiting our website. Further information and YouTube’s and Google’s current privacy policy can be found at

Other providers

If, in addition to the information contained here, links are made to websites of other providers, this data protection declaration does not apply to their content. The collection of data by the operators of the respective pages is beyond our knowledge and sphere of influence. Please note the data protection information of the respective page.


IV. Online marketing


We have integrated components of Google Adwords on our website. Google AdWords is an Internet advertising service that enables advertisers to place ads in both Google's search engine results and the Google Advertising Network. Google AdWords enables an advertiser to pre-define certain keywords to display an ad in Google's search engine results only when the user uses the search engine to retrieve a keyword-relevant search result. On the Google Network, ads are distributed to thematically relevant websites using an automatic algorithm and using the previously defined keywords. The operator of Google AdWords services is Google LLC, 1600 Amphitheatre Pkwy, Mountain View, CA 94043-1351, USA. If you access our website via a Google ad, Google will place a so-called conversion cookie on your system. A conversion cookie loses its validity after thirty days and is not used for your identification. If the cookie has not yet expired, the conversion cookie is used to determine whether certain sub-pages, such as the shopping basket of an online shop system, have been called up on our website. The conversion cookie enables us and Google to track whether you accessed our website via an AdWords ad and generated revenue, i.e. completed or cancelled a purchase of goods. The data and information collected through the use of the conversion cookie is used by Google to generate visit statistics for our website. We use these visit statistics to determine the total number of users who have been referred to us via AdWords ads, i.e. to determine the success or failure of the respective AdWords ad and to optimize our AdWords ads for the future. Neither our company nor other Google AdWords advertisers receive information from Google that could identify you. The conversion cookie is used to store personal information, such as the websites you visit. Accordingly, personal data, including your IP address, is transferred to Google in the United States of America each time you visit our Internet website. This personal data is stored by Google in the United States of America. Google may disclose personal data collected through the technical process to third parties. You can prevent the setting of cookies at any time by means of an appropriate setting of the Internet browser used and thus permanently object to the setting of cookies. Furthermore, the data subject has the possibility to object to interest-based advertising by Google. Please use the following link: Further information and Google's current privacy policy can be found at


We use the plugin CiviCRM for the implementation of the donation debit. This plugin does not collect, store or process any personal data and serves the administration of donations.

Reference to the purpose of data collection for bookings via the website

For the processing of bookings via our website, the personal data necessary for the processing of the booking are collected. This usually includes first name, last name, address, date of birth, gender, email address, IP address, telephone number, mobile phone number and other data required to process the booking. For processing the booking also other personal data in connection with the respective booking are required. These are in particular, payment information such as bank details, card number, expiry date and CVC code, prices and tax charges, details of previous purchasing behaviour or other information concerning your financial situation. The transmission of the data is intended in particular for identity verification, payment administration and fraud prevention. The purpose of data collection is therefore the fulfilment of (pre)contractual obligations pursuant to sect. 6 para. 1 lit. b GDPR.


VI. Purposes and legal basis of processing activities, processor, passing on data to third parties in third countries

We shall only use your personal data provided to us for the purposes for which they are intended. The legal basis for processing of your data may specifically be preparation and processing of a contract, advertising, quality assurance, fraud prevention or keeping statistics. Another legal basis for processing of your data may be consent given by you for use and forwarding of your personal data. You may withdraw your consent informally again at any time. Personal data shall only be transmitted to state facilities and authorities based on mandatory national provisions. The persons charged by us with processing of the data are obligated to secrecy and lawful processing of the data. In case of further processing of your personal data for any other purpose than the initial one, we will inform you accordingly. We use support from external service providers (processors) for certain technical processes concerning data analysis, processing and/or storage. Both we and the processor are obligated to comply with the technically-organisational measures according to sect. 32 GDPR and the external service provider is obligated to confidentiality in addition to this. Processing takes place only on our order and upon our instruction. Processing of your personal data beyond these processing activities shall only take place with your explicit consent or in the cases required by authority or court. Data transmission to third countries (countries outside of the European Economic Area – EEA) shall only take place as far as this is necessary to perform the contract, required by law or if you have given your consent to this. We will inform you separately concerning any details if required by law.


VII. Duration of data storage We store the personal data collected by you from the time of their collection.

The data collected in this manner are stored by us for the term of our business relationship, among others comprising the initiation and processing of a contract. Beyond this, we are subject to different storage and documentation obligations that result, inter alia, from the Commercial Code (Handelsgesetzbuch; HGB) or the Tax Code (Abgabenordnung; AO). The time limits stipulated there for archiving are up to ten years. Finally, the storage duration in light of the possibility of defending against legal claims is also determined according to the statutory expiration periods, e.g. usually 3 years according to §§ 195 et seqq. of the German Civil Code (Bürgerliches Gesetzbuch; BGB), and in certain cases also up to thirty years.

You as the data subject have the following rights:
(1) the right to information according to sect. 15 GDPR
(2) the right to rectification according to sect. 16 GDPR
(3) the right to erasure according to sect. 17 GDPR
(4) the right to restriction of processing of the data to specific purposes according to sect. 18 GDPR
(5) the right to data portability according to sect. 20 GDPR and
(6) the right to object to processing of personal data according to sect. 21 GDPR. Beyond this, you have the right to complain to a data protection authority according to sect. 77 GDPR.


IX. Contact and data protection officer

This data privacy statement shall apply to the website of
Michael Succow Stiftung
Ellernholzstr. 1/3 
17498 Greifswald
E-Mail: info(at)
Phone: +49 381 835 4210
Fax: +49 3834 835 4222


You can reach our data protection officer as follows:
ECOVIS Grieger Mallison Rechtsanwälte PartG mbB
Legal Lawyer Axel Keller / Legal Lawyer Susann Harder
Am Campus 1 – 11
18182 Rostock-Bentwisch
Phone: +49 381 649210
E-Mail: dsb-nord(at)